The Royong Sustainability Fund supports organisations and causes that make a lasting impact. While all NGOs aspire to help and make a difference, efforts that adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals and cause compound and long-term differences in people’s lived realities are especially important to support.

Royong supporters who feel that the merchandise we sell (while cute!) are products they can live without, can opt to support this fund instead of receiving their goods in an effort to: reduce thenconsumption of resources involved in making these products, lower the carbon footprint of packaging and shipping, all while helping the most vulnerable in our society.

From January to June 2024, the Royong Sustainability Fund will support an NGO that provides education for children in Malaysia from disadvantaged communities. This important and impactful work gives children a chance at
reaching their full potential. Education has, and always will be a proven way to make a direct impact, not just on these children’s lives and futures, but also their families and communities. AJAR Society is an NGO that provides educational support to Orang Asli children, aiming to enhance their reading and writing skills in Malay and English. To find out more about AJAR Society, visit