How does Royong support our partner charities?

Royong provides a platform for charities to reach potential donors. We raise money for charities by selling Royong / RaiseTogether merchandise on their behalf. We also raise awareness by encouraging engagement through social media.

Entries are validated to ensure potential winners fulfil the contest requirements. This may include a requirement to follow social media accounts, or answer a question as part of the entry process and contest terms. From the pool of eligible winners, one is selected using a secure random number generator. Full details on the selection process are outlined in the T&C.

Potential winners are contacted via email, and if possible we will also schedule a phone call! All winners will go through the winner confirmation process, which generally take about 2 weeks. Full details are outlined in the T&C.

There is no limit to the number of entries per person.

Absolutely! We offer a no-purchase-necessary option for participation. Simply follow go to our ‘how it works’ page for actions that could earn you free RT Hearts. We want to ensure everyone has a chance to join the fun!

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets (Grab Pay, Touch n GO e wallet), and FPX. We prioritise security for all participants.

Yes! Unless there are specific eligibility restrictions mentioned in the contest rules, these promotions are open to a global audience. Be sure to check campaign specific rules for any restrictions that may apply.

After signing in / signing up on our website, click the campaign you wish to join and complete the actions. That’s it!! Your entries are automatically recorded in our system