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Digital Plaque

Elevate your digital space with our exclusive RaiseTogether Digital Plaque, a modern showcase of your commitment to philanthropy. This can be customised with your name and the cause you supported, allowing you to share this badge of honour!

RM5.00 each


Share the spirit of giving with our specially designed RaiseTogether Postcard, perfect for sending heartfelt messages and warm wishes.

RM10.00 each

RaiseTogether Stickers (Regular)

Spread positivity and generosity wherever you go with 5 of our vibrant and meaningful RaiseTogether Stickers.

RM20.00 each

Acrylic Keychain

Accessorise your daily life with purpose using our Acrylic Keychain, a sleek and durable accessory that supports meaningful causes.

RM30.00 each

RaiseTogether Stickers (Large)

Spread positivity and generosity wherever you go with 10 of our vibrant and meaningful RaiseTogether Stickers.

RM40.00 each

Magnetic Bookmark

Mark your place in style with our Magnetic Bookmark, featuring unique RaiseTogether designs and a touch of philanthropic flair.

RM50.00 each

Colourful Sticky Notes

Stay organized and inspired with our Colorful Sticky Notes in different sizes and colours to brighten your notes as well as your day.

RM60.00 each

Minimalist Notebook

Unleash your creativity in our Minimalist Notebook, a portable, sleek and functional canvas with 130 blank pages for your thoughts, ideas, and doodles.

RM70.00 each

Ecofriendly Tote bag

Make a sustainable statement with our Eco-friendly Tote Bag, a stylish and environmentally conscious way to carry your essentials.

RM80.00 each

Stylish Cap

Complete that casual or sporty look with our embroidered Stylish Cap that is sure to give you that effortless comfort and protection from the elements.

RM100.00 each

Limited Edition Pinkfish x Royong Stickers

This limited-edition collection features a playful fusion of Pinkfish's aquatic themes and Royong's vibrant energy

RM30.00 each